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President A&A EXPO Alex Tabak

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A deep and expanded analysis of the methods of procurement, sales and process of delivery of goods in constant and close cooperation with the refinery.

A steady increase in the number of our customers and instant reaction to the negative conditions of international markets for their protection.

The unique experience of our employees, using their own extensive database of sellers and buyers from all over the world, allows you to choose the best product according to the criteria: the best quality, needed quantity and mutually beneficial price.

About us

A&A EXPO LLC appeared on the international market as a result of the merger of parts of the American and European trading platforms BSP and OMSTAR PETROLIUM, which have been on the hydrocarbon market for more than 40 years and are leaders in these areas. Our division is specially separated from the holding to carry out precise tasks for the purchase and sale of energy raw materials and finished products from leading oil refineries around the world for presentation these shipments to any safe ports in the world and mainly to the countries of the Asia-Pacific region. A&A EXPO LLC same continues to supply exclusive equipment, accurate sensors and great products, while offering the highest quality goods and cooperation in its implementation! The company's scientific research occupies a special place for the pride of us and our partners.


A&A EXPO LLC offers for sale the following main types of products on FOB / CIF delivery terms
to any safe port in the world of ASWP:
A&A EXPO LLC is the general distributor of OMSTAR fuel additives such as:
  • D 1280X - for diesel and gasoline engines.
  • B15 - for boilers and marine engines.
  • R400 - for open boilers and ovens.
  • T 50 - for two-stroke engines using a mixture of gasoline and oil.

  • Exhaust Smoke Meters that comply with EPA and similar Model 1000 and TP 1000.

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    Our scope

    Our scope of interest in the cooperation with such companies as:
    Sinopec, Shell, Total, ExxonMobil, Rosneft, Gazprom, Saudi Aramco, NASA, Boeing, Petro China, etc.


    The mission of A&A EXPO LLC is focused on partnership only with those companies that use modern equipment and treatment facilities of the highest environmental standards in their production and on supporting the «CLEAN WORLD - CLEAN LAND» movement. In everything we do we strive for quality, safety and responsibility. In our company, we have accumulated unique experience covering all aspects, from the production chain of oil refining, including products made from renewable raw materials to marketing. We are pioneers in high technology that enables revolutionary production of product innovations. Our mission is also to continue and increase the high traditions and requirements of our holding, such as: honesty and openness of business relations, constant and steady growth, creation of areas of scientific development, support of fair competition, enforcement of laws and codes of international law, protection of democratic values and targeted charitable assistance.
    We operate openly with your and the world. God bless you!

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    A&A EXPO LLC company imports various types of equipment for oil refineries, wholesale deliveries to the US market: precision sensors, meters and other measuring instruments used in oil refining, space, aviation, construction and other civilian industries, medicine and science. Supply of exclusive products.